Elevating professional pevelopment in correctional systems José Santos May 6, 2024

Elevating professional pevelopment in correctional systems

A new initiative aims to transform professional training in European correctional systems by establishing Centres of Vocational Excellence to bolster the capabilities of professionals and practitioners who work in the ecosystem of corrections, enhancing their effectiveness in facilitating the successful reintegration of prisoners into society.

In correctional settings, the reintegration of incarcerated individuals into society is a complex challenge, largely influenced by the effectiveness of the professionals working in the community integration of convicted persons, including staff from prisons, social services, NGOs, education providers, employment agencies, addiction specialists, health specialists, and more. These professionals are pivotal in determining rehabilitation outcomes, yet often lack access to ongoing professional development, which can impede their ability to provide effective vocational training and educational programmes.

To address this gap, the PROMOTE project (Promoting Integrated Professional Development for Prison Practitioners in Vocational Excellence for Offender Reintegration) aims to establish a comprehensive professional development framework for practitioners who play a direct role in the successful release and reintegration of prisoners. By focusing on a learner-centred methodology rather than a rigid, knowledge-centric approach, PROMOTE seeks to update and refine the skills that have the most significant impact on societal outcomes.

A Vision for Enhanced Correctional Training

At the heart of the PROMOTE initiative is the establishment of Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs), designed to democratise access to learning and upskilling for all practitioners, regardless of their specific roles or the nature of their employment within the public or private sectors. These centres are envisaged as vibrant platforms where practitioners from varied settings can converge, share experiences, and access the tools, resources, and methodologies necessary for tackling the unique challenges they face. This initiative not only fosters practical skill acquisition but also encourages participatory research and the development of community-led solutions.

Additionally, the partnership will develop a curriculum incorporating training and certification programmes tailored to equip practitioners with the necessary skills to support effective reintegration.

Among the expected outcomes, PROMOTE is also set to deliver a comprehensive needs analysis, the development of professional profiles aligned with the European Skills, Competences, Qualifications, and Occupations (ESCO) system, and the creation of an ecosystem skills map.

The ultimate goal of PROMOTE is to empower practitioners to become proactive participants in their professional development and problem-solving processes. By facilitating an exchange of expertise and experiences and promoting an inclusive approach, the project aims to bridge the gaps between different employment settings and educational levels. This ensures that all practitioners are equipped with validated and recognised relevant skills, contributing to their career development, and enhancing their ability to support the effective integration of convicted individuals back into society.

By addressing the disparities in employment settings and education levels within the correctional ecosystem, PROMOTE aims to foster a more effective and empowered workforce. This initiative is expected to significantly elevate the standard of education and training in the sector, contributing to better societal outcomes.

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Promoting Integrated Professional Development for Prison Practitioners in Vocational Excellence for Offender Reintegration

The PROMOTE project is a collaborative endeavour, coordinated by the Timisoara Penitentiary (Romania), and includes a diverse array of partners across Europe. These partners include IPS_Innovative Prison Systems (Portugal), the Centre for the Promotion of Lifelong Learning (Romania), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), the Baltic Education Technology Institute (Lithuania), the Lithuanian Prison Service (Lithuania), the Bremen Senate of Justice and Constitution (Germany), Interchange (Germany), Aproximar (Portugal), Egas Moniz – Higher Education Cooperative (Portugal), the International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development (Italy), the Study Centre – Opera Don Calabria (Italy), the General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses (Turkey), Ankara Training Centre for Penal Institutions and Detention House Staff (Turkey), SkillLab (The Netherlands), the European Basic Skills Network (Switzerland), BrainLog (Denmark), and the Danish Prison Federation (Denmark).

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