Specialised platforms

Knowledge sharing

Global Publication

JUSTICE TRENDS is a premium printed and online magazine founded in 2017. Since the first edition, we’ve developed and published 220+ exclusive content about criminal justice and correctional services worldwide.

Corrections Learning Academy
Specialised Training Platform

The Corrections Learning Academy is an online training platform with real-time and self-paced programmes where Correctional professionals can acquire relevant knowledge and master new skills and concepts online.

Digital solutions

Intelligent Offender Management System

HORUS 360 iOMS is an innovative project aimed at researching and designing a solution that supports the management of activities and information generated during the detention “life cycle”, imprisonment or surveillance of persons subject to custodial and non-custodial judicial measures.

Networking & Business Platform

Corrections direct is a global networking and business directory for key industry players in the Correctional sector, where they can find new potential partnerships and business opportunities. This hub is bringing together correctional agencies, business partners, specialised suppliers, experts and research organisations from around the world.