A flexible, multidisciplinary and transnational VET model for the PROBATION services and practitioners


11/2021 – 01/2024

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Developing an innovative training model to respond to the education and training needs of probation officers and workers

Probationet is a project addressing the complex context of case management and Restorative Justice in Probation. The initiative aims to develop and promote vocational education and training (VET) for probation officers and other professional workers involved in the probation process.

The innovative training model to be developed and deployed will respond to the education and training needs of professionals working in the probation sector with a flexible and multidisciplinary approach.


  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Turkey


  • Erasmus + KA220-VET Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training


Support learners in the scope of VET (operating in or out of the prison environment) about training and communication issues connected with Probation, Restorative Justice, and how these topics must be mediated and treated.

Validate non-formal and informal learning, and promote workplace learning for professionals that work on probation.

Promote a Restorative Justice perspective in professionals working on probation.

Expected outcomes

Implementation of a web platform for e-learning and webinar modules that will ensure the training of probation practitioners: probation officers, staff from government departments, social workers, psychologists/mediators, and prison staff; on the use of Case Management and Restorative Justice practices.

Creation of a repository with additional resources (PROB-T repository).

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accredited training course aiming to support probation and other criminal justice practitioners when restorative justice practices and principles are engaged.

An assessment model related to the risk of recidivism and factors which intervene, both in the short and long term, when restorative justice programs are employed.

Dissemination of the training model and professional platform across scientific and sector stakeholders aiming to extend the project results beyond its geographic reach and lifespan.

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