DIACEN Project launched

Project launch: DIACEN – Dialog for reintegration

DIACEN (The Dialogue CenterTaking Further Prison’s Education Projects in Using Dialogue as Preparation for Release) is launched on October 1st , 2016.

This project aims to shed light on the adult education that takes place in prison settings (being seen as different from work-related education or from professional training), how experiencing adult education will bring benefits in the preparing-for-release process and reintegration process for all involved parties, and how at the end of the day adult education can move prisons into beinglearning environments”.

DIACEN proposes a solution to preparing for release of prisoners involving all relevant parties united in adult education activities with the aim of fostering dialogue and an expression platform. Its objective is to introduce this solution in five European counties with the cooperation of authorities, profissionais e usuários finais, para o uso directo no período de pré-lançamento. O objetivo é integrar melhor os presos na comunidade e reduzir a taxa de reincidência.

Besides the participation of IPS_Innovative Prison Systems, from the Portugal, this transnational project involves partners from Romania, Polônia, Netherlands and Italy, namely CPIP Center for Promoting Lifelong Learning (Roménia) – as promoter organization – ARID Lacjum, from Poland, Associazione Antigone, fom Italy, and the Stichting Foundation ICPA Office in Europe (Países Baixos).

DIACEN is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and it will be developed until the end of May 2019.

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