R2PRIS radicalisation prevention training #3

Third R2PRIS training on radicalisation prevention in prisons

Over twenty penitentiary experts from Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Norway, and Turkey gathered in Brussels, between the 16th and the 20th of April, 2018, for the third and final short-term staff training event of the Radicalisation Prevention in Prisons (R2PRIS) project.

The experts’ feedback on the radicalisation risk assessment toolset and the e-Learning course, that have been developed in the scope of the R2PRIS project, was a crucial feature of this training event, leading to the final fine-tuning of the project’s outputs.

R2PRIS seeks to reduce radicalisation and extremism inside prisons by enhancing the competences of frontline staff (correctional officers, educational staff, psychologists, and social workers) to identify, report and interpret signals of radicalisation and respond appropriately.

R2PRIS radicalisation prevention training #3


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