Claire Machan

Consultant & Researcher

Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Community Portfolio Coordinator

Claire Machan is a senior researcher and academic, with a strong passion for applying psychological approaches to improve social, crime & justice issues globally.

She holds a BSc in Criminology & Psychology from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), a PgCert & Honours degree in Psychological Science from the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), a Master of Forensic Mental Health from Griffith University, and is upon completion of her PhD in Experimental (Legal) Psychology at University College London (UCL). Her thesis explored the impact that cognitive biases regarding juvenile offenders have on evidential reasoning, witness credibility judgements and verdicts during trials, as well techniques to de-bias jurors.

Prior to working for IPS, Claire spent 5 years applying her expertise to co-develop and lead lectures on UG and PG programs in Applied Forensic Psychology at BNU. She has also delivered collaborative educational training workshops with HMPPS staff, MET Police Officers, Victim Support, RJ Practitioners, and ex-offenders. She is an active researcher, having most recently presented projects in legal cognition and terror related legislation changes at a range of UK and European conferences.

Claire is responsible for coordinating projects within the Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Community Portfolio.