Heloisa Becker

Consultant & Researcher

Rehabilitation, Reintegration & Community Portfolio

Heloisa Becker has a strong background in law and a passion for driving positive social change. Holding a bachelor’s degree in law and a postgraduate degree in Citizenship and Human Rights in the context of Public Policy from Brazil, Heloisa is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Policy at ISCSP/University of Lisbon. Her research focuses on the challenges faced by female offenders in the reentry process.

With experience in the field of public policies and in social projects, particularly within non-governmental organisations, Heloisa has worked with young offenders in the Social-educational System in Brazil, gaining valuable insights into the complexities of their rehabilitation process. In addition, Heloisa has valuable experience working with restorative justice practices and has actively participated in restorative justice initiatives.

Driven by her passion for criminal justice, Heloisa is determined to leverage her skills and knowledge to drive positive change in this field.

At IPS, Heloisa Becker is assigned to the Rehabilitation and Reintegration portfolio of projects.