Patrícia Bonato

Consultant, Senior Researcher & Project Manager
Organisational Design and Digital Transformation Portfolio

Patrícia Bonato holds a degree in Law, a Postgraduate degree in Distance Education Tutoring, a master’s degree in Law and Development from the University of São Paulo, and is a PhD candidate in International Health at the New University of Lisbon and in Science at the University of São Paulo. She is currently implementing a project to develop and validate an educational technology for health guidance for women released from prisons in Brazil.

In addition to nearly ten years of experience in scientific research, she has worked as a criminal lawyer and university professor in Brazil, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Patrícia is a former researcher of the Research Group on Global Health, Law and Development at the University of São Paulo and the Global Health and Tropical Medicine RD Center of the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the New University of Lisbon.

Patrícia has authored numerous articles and reports on research involving criminal justice, human rights, and prison health, including a notable nationwide study in Brazil funded by the National Council of Justice titled “Incarceration, Public Policies, and the Performance of Justice in Socially Vulnerable Areas.”

At IPS, with a focus on LATAM, Patrícia is part of the Organisational Design and Digital Transformation portfolio. She supports corrections transformation projects related to the implementation of classification systems, needs and risk assessments, and rehabilitation policies and practice. She also focuses on the use of the HORUS 360 iOMS Offender Management System and digital technologies to support business transformation and change in corrections.