IPS to lead the European learning hub on radicalisation prevention Silvia Bernardo April 23, 2020

IPS to lead the European learning hub on radicalisation prevention

Running till the end of 2022, HOPE project is a networking hub to support training and knowledge sharing on radicalisation in the Balkan, Southern and Eastern Europe.

IPS Innovative Prison Systems will lead the “HOPE – HOlistic radicalisation Prevention initiativE” consortia, supported by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation under its Justice and Home Affairs priority.

The Hope network will involve regional training, academic and research organisations, as well as prison and probation systems to intervene on radicalisation prevention and disengagement; but also to improve the transition process between prison and/or probation systems and the community for those at risk of radicalisation or who have been radicalised.

HOPE is promoted by the Lisbon-based IPS_Innovative Prison Systems (Portugal) and involves as partners:

Association for Policy Evaluation (Bulgaria)

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights (Serbia)

Ministry of Justice Probation Administration (Slovenia)

General Directorate Execution of Sentences (Bulgaria)

Agenfor International (Italy)

National Administration of Prisons, Jilava Bucharest Prison (Romania)

FUNDEA Euro Arabian Foundation of Higher Studies (Spain)

KRUS, the University College of Norwegian Correctional Service (Norway).

For further information about HOPE, please visit its website.