IPS at the Citizen Security Week 2018 in Chile Silvia Bernardo November 26, 2018

IPS at the Citizen Security Week 2018 in Chile

The use of technologies in the justice systems discussed among more tham 600 participants.

The 10th Citizen Security Week (“Semana de Seguridad Ciudadana”) was held in Santiago, Chile, between November 26 and 30, 2018.

The objective of this annual event was to offer, those who are responsible for public security policies, programme directors, experts, academics and civil society, a platform of dialogue and exchange of experiences and good practices.

Hence, the event consisted of two main activities: the Regional Policy Dialogue, where Security / Interior Ministers from across the region discussed the challenges and advances in citizen security and justice policies, and the Intensive Citizen Security Clinic, a space dedicated to the exchange of technical and specialised knowledge.

This year, the use of technologies in the justice systems is the guiding topic of the event because in the last decade there have been transformations in the management of public security and justice policies, associated with the adoption of digital technologies.

Mr Pedro das Neves, from IPS Innovative Prison Systems, attended the event as a speaker at the invitation of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) – the promoter, in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security of the Government of the Republic of Chile.

Mr. das Neves presented and moderated at the dialogue of Ministers of Justice about “Technology and Social Reintegration” (“What characterises innovation to promote an effective social reintegration? A comparative vision between Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean”) on the 27th November (at the private session for Ministers and high officials).

Furthermore, on the 29th November, he presented about “Electronic Monitoring in Europe” (“The use of new systems for electronic monitoring in prisons and in the community”) at the practitioners and decision-makers conference.

The event gathered more than 600 participants from twenty-six countries.



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