European Framework of Competences for Community Professionals in Gang Environments



09/2015 – 09/2018 (36 months)

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Competences for community professionals working in gang environments

It is widely recognized that street gangs are connected with violence. Aggressive and violent youths are at greater risk of joining collectivities we call street gangs or troublesome youth groups.

Many European countries face reality, therefore, the study of European street gangs and troublesome youth groups is of great importance as it will enable a better understanding of the causes of youth violence.


  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Portugal
  • Romania


  • Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training


Produce current and appropriate occupation/work profiles for those working with gangs and the impact of gang crime in communities across Europe, a profile relevant within each European partner country and against which new learning outcomes can be identified.

Develop the European Framework of Competencies under the form of an interactive on-line tool capturing: major areas of competencies, specific competencies for each area, proficiency levels related to EQF and examples of knowledge/skills/attitudes. This will be the fundamental tool to give a common language between professionals, employers, VET providers and communities, in a context where even the definition of the problem is challenging: what is a gang for you and your community?

Identify in each partner country key sectors, organisations and job roles working within gang crime and with the impact of gang crime (police, probation, youth work, health, social services, education, communities).

Identify through desk and DACUM consultative research in each partner country the knowledge, skills and competences required to develop capacity and ensure improved and more successful engagements with gangs and gang members operating in order to reduce gang crime in the future.

Expected outcomes

Report on the definition of the European gang context, professionals working in it and their profiles.

A European Competency Framework for Community Professionals working in gang-related environments.

An online platform to support the structure and content of the previous outputs.

Eight DACUM workshops.

Four workshops to showcase on-line platform to key stakeholders.

Two short-term joint staff training events.

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