Communitarian approach for a holistic young refugee long-term integration



1/09/2022 – 31/08/2025 (36 months)

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Promoting long-term integration of young refugees into the community

Acknowledging the current need to reinforce refugee integration as a European priority (following EU Action Plan for Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027), REFUGIN proposes a holistic and dual approach to promote young refugees’ integration. The project’s bidirectional process requires the involvement of civil society and young refugees themselves.

For this, REFUGIN aims to foment civil society’s synergies towards refugee integration by capacitating key non-governmental actors, focusing on educational and NGOs’ practitioners. The project aims to holistically enhance their know-how whilst simultaneously building the capabilities of young refugees.

Additionally, REFUGIN strives for a broader impact on educational and communitarian settings. Through innovative methodology and advanced activities, the project will work towards more tolerant, inclusive and inter-culturally aware societies, thus strengthening EU core values.


  • Hungary
  • Moldova
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Serbia


  • Erasmus + (European Commission): KA220-YOU-Cooperation partnerships in youth


Comprehensively enhance educational and NGO professionals’ performance when working with young refugees:

  • Promote cooperation among NGOs and educational professionals towards young refugees’ long-term integration;
  • Capacitate relevant actors on tailored strategies to address the challenges young refugees face.

Create tolerant, inclusive and inter-culturally aware communities:

  • Improve young refugees’ social connectedness and trust-based relationships with the hosting society by increasing their capabilities;
  • Promote communitarian dynamics to enable social awareness, receptivity, and intercultural dialogue, fostering inclusive environments;
  • Foster medium to long-term integration of young refugees.

Expected outcomes

A thorough account of evidence-based knowledge and competencies towards capacitating and specialising educational and NGOs’ professionals on forced migration and refugees’ integration.

Long-lasting synergies between different civil society actors towards holistic young refugees’ integration.

Innovative and progressive know-how base to enhance educational and NGOs’ professionals’ competencies on how to work towards young refugee sustained integration.

Innovative, tailored and dynamic skill base to cement young refugees’ capabilities and human potential.

Improved social connectedness and integration of young refugees with their hosting societies.

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