Law enforcement and community cooperation and training approach to prevent radicalisation by ensuring refugees' successful inclusion



01/11/2022 – 31/10/2025 (36 months)

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Preventing radicalisation while supporting successful inclusion and integration of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe

IN2PREV aims to improve the response of law enforcement agencies and non-governmental organisations to refugees and asylum seekers in European host and transit countries. The goal is to prevent radicalisation while ensuring their successful inclusion and integration.

IN2PREV will create a network of frontline practitioners to promote cooperation and collaboration, and train professionals to prevent and identify vulnerability risk factors to radicalisation.

Furthermore, the initiative will develop a mentoring programme for refugees’ successful inclusion facilitating their integration.


  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Moldova
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Spain


  • Erasmus+ (European Commission): KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education


Facilitate the integration process of refugees and asylum seekers

  • Foster the cooperation and collaboration between public entities (e.g., law enforcement agents - LEAs), community organisations, refugees and asylum seekers' representatives;
  • Raise awareness of LEAs and community practitioners to the specific needs and challenges that refugees and asylum seekers face;
  • Establish follow-up and inclusion strategies (appropriate to each national context) to mitigate the difficulties encountered in the integration process.

Promote the early identification (and prevention) of vulnerability risk factors that potentialise radicalisation in refugees and asylum seekers:

  • Define procedures that seek to trace potential vulnerabilities (at the cognitive, behavioural, and social levels) to the radicalisation process;
  • Ensure a longitudinal and cross-sectoral intervention.

Expected outcomes

A European network that will foster and facilitate knowledge and experience exchanges among law enforcement agencies, NGOs, and their members.

A Frontline Extremism Vulnerability Risk–Structured Evaluation Screening (FEVR-SES) tool. This assessment tool will allow LEAs and NGOs staff to assess refugees' vulnerability to radicalisation; wards young refugee sustained integration.

A Mentoring Approach for Refugees' and Asylum Seekers' Successful Inclusion programme.

An innovative b-Learning training programme to prevent and identify vulnerability risk factors to the radicalisation of refugees and asylum seekers.

A b-Learning training course to facilitate refugees and asylum seekers' integration through mentoring.

An e-learning Train of Trainers course to enhance LEAs and NGOs members' skills in providing training to other professionals.

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