Preventing Emotional and Sexual Abuse Among Young People


11/2021 – 03/2024 (28 months)

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Preventing emotional and sexual abuse among students through a comprehensive information and training platform

The access of youngsters to emotional and sexual education has been a long-time concern for governments, NGOs, and local institutions across Europe. Comprehensive sexual education allows young people to develop their social and sexual relations based on respect. This perspective enables them to think about how their choices affect their well-being and others.

Hence, the PREVEX project aims at updating knowledge in the university context on the violent, criminal, and social dimensions of sexual deviance. The initiative will implement a platform containing information, training resources, and specific paths adapted to initial and continuous education needs.

These materials aimed at university professors will also be available to judges, special educators, psychologists, and security that work with youth.


  • France
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Austria
  • Spain
  • Malta


  • Erasmus + KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education


Provide a better offer for initial and continuous sexual education in the university context.

Enhancing the skills of youngsters concerning emotional and sexual abuse prevention.

Offer training to teachers and other professionals working with young people capacitating them with tools to detect violent practices and act or prevent them.

Expected outcomes

A synthesis and update of scientific knowledge in social issues of sexual violence and the understanding of its signs and causes.

Targeted resources for training in the prevention of sexual and sexist violence.

A platform for these digital resources that will enable initial and continuous education of different publics.

An evaluation of the impacts of new training adapted to academic situations.

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